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Refereed Papers

061 : 2016Icar..280..308D Results of a hubble space telescope search for natural satellites of dwarf planet 1 ceres
DeMario, B.E. et al
2016 Icar 280, 308

060 : 2015AJ....150..137Q Absolute Proper Motions Outside the Plane (APOP) - A Step Toward the GSC2.4
Zhaoxiang, Q et al
2015 AJ 150, 137

059 : 2015Icar..257..207M Vesta's Missing Moons:Comprehensive Search for Natural Satellites of Vesta by the Dawn Spacecraft
McFadden et al
2015 Icarus 257, 207

058 : 2015PASP..127..250P An Investigation of the Absolute Proper Motions of the SCUSS Catalog
Peng, X et al
2015 PASP 127, 250

057 : 2014Ap.....57..14N Close neighbors of Markarian galaxies. II. Statistics and Discussions
T.A.Nazaryan, A.R.Petrosian, A.A.Hakobyan, B.McLean, D.Kunth
2014 Astrophysics 57,14

056 : 2012Ap.....55..448N Close neighbors of Markarian galaxies. I. Optical database
T.A.Nazaryan, A.R.Petrosian, B.McLean
2012 Astrophysics 55,448

055 : 2012SPIE.8296E...9M Moon search algorithms for NASA's Dawn Mission to asteroid Vesta
N.Memarsadeghi, L.A.McFadden, D.R.Skillman, B.McLean, M.Mutchler, U.Carsenty, E.E.Palmer
2012 SPIE 8296,12

054 : 2011Ap.....54..301H Five Supernova Survey Galaxies in the Southern Hemisphere II - The Supernova Rates
A. Hakobyan,A.Petrosian,  G.Mamon, B.McLean, D.Kunth, M.Turatto, E.Cappellaro, F.Mannucci, R.J.Allen, N.Panagia, M.Della Valle
2011 Astrophysics 54,301

053 : 2011MNRAS.413.1024P A deep proper-motion survey of the nearby open cluster Blanco 1
I.Platais, T.M.Girard, K.Vieira, C.E.Lopez, C.Loomis, B.McLean, D.Pourbaix, E.Moraux, J.-C.Mermilliod, D.J.James, P.A.Cargile, S.A.Barnes, D.J.Castillo
2011 MNRAS 413,1024

052 : 2011Ap.....54...15G The Second Byurakan Survey Galaxies I : The Optical Database
M.Gyulzadyan, B.McLean, V,Adibekyan, R.Allen, D.Kunth, A.Petrosian, J.Stepanian
2011 Astrophysics 54,15

051 : 2010Ap.....53...57K A Catalog of Kazarian Galaxies
M.Kazarian, V.Adibekyan,B.McLean, R.Allen, A.Petrosian
2010 Astrophysics, 53,57

050 : 2009Ap.....52..205G Relationship of galaxies from the second Byurakan survey to Zwicky clusters. II. Discussion
M.Gyulzadian, A. Petrosian, B. McLean
2009 Astrophysics 52,205

049 : 2009Ap.....52...40H Five Supernova Survey Galaxies in the Southern Hemisphere 1 - Optical and Near Infrared Database
A. Hakobyan, G.Mamon, A.Petrosian, B.McLean, F.Mannucci, D.Kunth, R.J.Allen, M.Turatto, M.Dennefeld
2009 Astrophysics 52,40

048 : 2008A&A...492..367H Interacting and Merging Galaxies from the Second Byurakan Survey : HI Observations
W.Huchtmeier, A.Petrosian, Gopal-Krishna, B.McLean, D.Kunth
2008 Astron.Astrophys., 492,367

047 : 2008A&A...488..523H Early-Type Galaxies with Core Collapse Supernovae
A.Hakobyan, A.Petrosian, B.McLean, D.Kunth, R.J.Allen, M.Turatto, R.Barbon
Astron.Astrophys., 488,523

046 : 2008AJ....136..735L The Second Generation Guide Star Catalog : Description and Properties
B.Lasker, M.Lattanzi, B.McLean, B.Bucciarelli, R.Drimmel, J.Garcia, G.Greene, F.Guglielmetti, C.Hanley, G.Hawkins, V.G.Laidler, C.Loomis, M.Meakes, R.Mignani, R.Morbidelli, J.Morrison, R.Pannunzio, A.Rosenberg, M.Sarasso, R.Smart, A.Spagna, C.R.Sturch, A.Volpicelli, R.White. D.Wolfe, A.Zacchei
2008 A.J. 136,735

045 : 2008ApJS..175...86P The North Galactic Pole +30 Zone Galaxies I : A Comparative Study of Galaxies with Different Nuclear Activity
A. Petrosian, B.McLean, R.J.Allen, D.Kunth, C.Leitherer
2008 Ap.J.supp. 175,86

044 : 2007ApJS..170...33P Markarian Galaxies I : The Optical Database and Atlas
A. Petrosian, B.McLean, R.J.Allen, J.W. MacKenty
2007 Ap.J.supp. 170,33

043 : 2006A&A...448..579C The GSC2-based Survey of Ancient Cool White Dwarfs I : The Sample of Spectroscopically Identified WDs
D.Carollo, B.Bucciarelli, S.Hodgkins, M.Lattanzi, B.McLean, R.Morbidelli, R.Smart, A.Spagna, I.Terranegra

2006 Astron.Astrophys., 448,579

042 : 2005AJ....129.1369P Active and Star-forming Galaxies and their Supernovae
A.Petrosian, H.Navasardyan, E.Cappellaro, B.McLean, R.Allen, N.Panagia, C.Leitherer, J.MacKenty, M.Turatto
2005 Astron.J. 129,1369

041 : 2003AJ....125...86P Studies of the Second Byurakan Survey Galaxies: II. Comparison of UV-Excess and Emission-Line Techniques
A.Petrosian, R.J.Allen, C.Leitherer, J.MacKenty, N.Panagia, B.McLean
2003 Astron.J. 125,86

040 : 2003Ap.....46..131G Spectroscopic Study of a Large Sample of Galaxies Discovered in the Second Byurakan Survey Fields
M.Gyulzadyan, J.Stepanian, A.Petrosian, D.Kunth, B.McLean, G.Comte
2003 Astrophysics 46,131

039 : 2002A&A...393L..45C Discovery of a Peculiar DQ White Dwarf
D.Carollo, S.T.Hodgkin, A.Spagna, R.L.Smart, M.G.Lattanzi, B.McLean, D.J.Pinfield
2002 Astron.Astrophys., 393,L45-L48

038 : 2002AJ....123.2280P Studies of the Second Byurakan Survey Galaxies: I. Mergers, Interacting Systems and Close Pairs
A.Petrosian, B.McLean, R.J.Allen, C.Leitherer, J.MacKenty, N.Panagia
2002 Astron.J. 123,2280

037 : 2002AJ....123..485S Sloan Digital Sky Survey : Early Data Release
C.Staughton et al
2002 Astron.J. 123,485

036 : 2001ApJ...559..606C Star Formation in a Complete Spectroscopic Survey of Galaxies
B.J.Carter, D.G.Fabricant, M.J.Geller, M.J.Kurtz, B.McLean
2001 Ap.J. 559,606

035 : 2001A&A...368..335B An All-Sky Set of (B)-V-R Photometric Calibrators for Schmidt Surveys, GSPC2.1 : First Release
B.Bucciarelli, J.Garcia Yus, R.Casalegno, M.Postman, B.M.Lasker, C.Sturch, M.G.Lattanzi, B.J.McLean et al
2001 Astron.Astrophys 368,335

034 : 2001AJ....121.1752M GSC 1.2- An Astrometric Re-Reduction and other Refinements
J.Morrison, S.Roser, B.McLean, B.Bucciarelli and B.Lasker
2001 Astron.J 121,1752

033 : 2001Ap.....44..143P The Morphologies of Dwarf Markarian Galaxies
A.R. Petrosian, J.W. MacKenty, B.J. McLean
2001 Astrofizika, 44,175

032 : 2000ApJS..129..435B The Northern ROSAT All-Sky (NORAS) Galaxy Cluster Survey I: X-ray Properties of Clusters Detected as Extended X-ray Sources
H.Bohringer, W.Voges, J.P.Huchra, B.McLean, R.Giacconni et al
2000 Astrophys.J.suppl 129,435

031 : 1999AJ....117..707R BVRI Light Curves for 22 Type 1A Supernovae
A.Reiss et al
1999 Astron.J., 117,707

030 : 1999AJ....117..206B Far-Ultraviolet Imaging of the Field Star Population in the Large Magellanic Cloud with the Hubble Space Telescope
N.Brosch, M.Shara, J.MacKenty, D.Zurek and B.McLean
1999 Astron.J., 117,206

029 : 1999FGST...16...29G Development of the Astronomical Image Archive and Catalog Database for Production of GSC-II
G.Greene, B.McLean and B.Lasker
1999 Journal of Future Generation Computing Systems 16, 29

028 : 1998A&AS..130..359S Faint Photometric BVR CCD Sequences : The North Galactic Pole and the Anticenter
A.Spagna, M.Lattanzi, B.McLean, G.Massone and B.Lasker
1998 Astron. Astrophys Suppl. 130,359

027 : 1996A&A...311..758S Galactic Structure along the Main Meridional Section of the Galaxy I - The North Galactic Pole (N321) Field
A.Spagna, M.G.Lattanzi, B.M.Lasker, B.J.McLean, G.Massone and L.Lanteri
1996 Astron.Astrophys 311,758

026 : 1996MNRAS.281...59B The ROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Deep Survey
R.G.Bower, G.Hasinger, F.J.Castander, A.Aragon-Salamanca, R.S.Ellis, I.M.Gioia, J.P.Henry, R.Burg, J.P.Huchra, H.Böhringer, U.G.Briel and B.McLean
1996 M.N.R.A.S. 281,59

025 : 1996AJ....111...64M The Lumpy Cluster Abell 1185
A.Mahdavi, M.J.Geller, D.G.Fabricant, M.J.Kurtz, M.Postman and B.McLean
1996 Astron.J. 111,64

024 : 1995ApJ...449..422H Groups of Galaxies in the ROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey
J.P.Henry, I.M.Gioia, J.P.Huchra, R.Burg, B.J.McLean, H.Böhringer, R.G.Bower, U.G.Briel, W.Voges, H.MacGillivray and R.G.Cruddace
1995 Astrophys.J. 449,422

023 : 1994AJ....107.1270H RXJ1759.4+6638: An X-Ray Selected Quasar at a Redshift of 4.320
J.P.Henry, I.M.Gioia, H.Böhringer, R.G.Bower, U.G.Briel, G.H.Hasinger, A.Aragon-Salamanca, F.J.Castander, R.S.Ellis, J.P.Huchra, R.Burg and B.McLean
1994 Astron.J. 107,1270

022 : 1994ApL&C..29..267M The Einstein Observatory Extended Medium Sensitivity Survey III. - The Atlas of Optical Finding Charts
T.Maccacaro, A.Wolter, B.McLean, I.M.Gioia, J.T.Stocke, R.Della Ceca, R.Burg and R.Faccini
1994 Astrophys.Letters & Communications 29,267

021 : 1993PASP..105..387S An Optical Atlas of ROSAT Wide Field Camera EUV Sources
M.M.Shara, D.J.Shara and B.J.McLean
1993 PASP 105,387

020 : 1992A&A...259L...9B Discovery of Intermediate Redshift Galaxy Clusters in the ROSAT NEP Field
R.Burg, R.Giacconi, J.P.Huchra, J.MacKenty, B.McLean, M.Geller, G.Hasinger, R.Marzke, M.Schmidt and J.Trumper
1992 Astron.Astrophys. 259,L9

019 : 1992A&A...258..217E The Tycho Input Catalogue - Crossmatching the Guide Star Catalog with the HIPPARCOS INCA Database
D.Egret, P.Didelon, B.J.McLean, J.L.Russell and C.Turon
1992 Astron.Astrophys. 258,217

018 : 1991AdSpR..11..137C Search of the Latest Non-Astrometric HIPPARCOS Stars in the HST Guide Star Catalogue.
F.Crifco, M.Grenon, H.Jahreiss and B.J.McLean
1991 Adv.Space Res. 11,137

017 : 1990ApJ...358..485B A 20 Centimeter Survey of Compact Sources in the Northern Galactic Plane
R.Becker, R.White, B.McLean, D.Helfand, S.Zoonematkermani
1990 Astrophys.J.358,485

016 : 1990AJ.....99.2082J The Guide Star Catalog III - Production, Database Organization, and Population Statistics
H.Jenkner, B.M.Lasker, C.R.Sturch, B.J.McLean, M.M.Shara and J.L.Russell
1990 Astron.J. 99,2081

015 : 1990AJ.....99.2059L The Guide Star Catalog II - Photometric and Astrometric Models and Solutions
J.L.Russell, B.M.Lasker, B.J.McLean, C.R.Sturch and H.Jenkner
1990 Astron.J. 99,2059

014 : 1990AJ.....99.2019L The Guide Star Catalog I - Astronomical Foundations and Image Processing
B.M.Lasker, C.R.Sturch, B.J.McLean, J.L.Russell, H.Jenkner and M.M.Shara
1990 Astron.J. 99,2019

013 : 1990ApJ...353L..45T Some Comments on the Astrometric Properties of the Guide Star Catalog
L.G.Taff, M.G.Lattanzi, B.Bucciarelli, R.Gilmozzi, B.J.McLean, H.Jenkner, V.G.Laidler, B.M.Lasker, M.M.Shara and C.R.Sturch
1990 Astrophys.J. 353,L45

012 : 1987ApJ...313..263H Radio Emission from FK Comae
V.A.Hughes and B.J.McLean
1987 Astrophys.J. 313,263

011 : 1987ApJ...313..263H Radio Emission from FK Comae
V.A.Hughes and B.J.McLean
1987 J.R.A.S.C. 80,272

010 : 1984ApJ...278..716H Radio observations of W Ursae Majoris Stars
V.A.Hughes and B.J.McLean
1984 Astrophys.J. 278,716

009 : 1983A&A...128..434M On the Nature of the Radio Source in M3
B.J.McLean, M.R.Viner and V.A.Hughes
1983 Astron.Astrophys. 128,434

008 : 1983MNRAS.204..817M Radial Velocities for Contact Binaries III - V566 Ophiuchi
1983 M.N.R.A.S. 204,817

007 : 1983A&AS...52..463S Photometric Observations of AC Boo
G.Scheiven, J.C.Morton, B.J.McLean and V.A.Hughes
1983 Astron.Astrophys.supp. 52,463

006 : 1983MNRAS.203....1M Radial Velocities for Contact Binaries II - TZ Boo, XY Boo, TX Cnc, RZ Com, CC Com and Y Sex
B.J.McLean and R.W.Hilditch
1983 M.N.R.A.S. 203,1

005 : 1982MNRAS.201..421M A Spectroscopic Investigation of the Eclipsing Variable ER Vul
1982 M.N.R.A.S. 201,421

004 : 1982MNRAS.200.1153H A Spectroscopic Study of the Short Period Variable Be Star EM Cephei
R.W.Hilditch, B.J.McLean and I.N.Reid
1982 M.N.R.A.S. 200,1153

003 : 1981JBIS...34..145D Radial Velocities for Contact Binary Systems I - W UMa and AW UMa
1981 M.N.R.A.S. 195,931

002 : 1981JBIS...34..145D An Astronomical Image Processing System written in FORTH
A.C.Davenhall, P.S.Bunclark, C.W.Fraser, B.J.McLean, J.R.Stapleton and G.C.Stewart
1981 J.B.I.S. 34,145

001 : 1979MNRAS.187..797H SV Cam, an Eclipsing Binary System containing a BY Draconis Variable
R.W.Hilditch, D.W.Harland and B.J.McLean
1979 M.N.R.A.S. 187,39

Conference Proceedings

093 : Service Oriented Architecture for Archive Replication
Durand, D. et al
2017 Proceedings ADASS XXVII, p.xx

092 : 2016DPS...4832108D Results of a Hubble Space Telescope Search for Natural Satellites of Dwarf Planet 1 Ceres
DeMario, B.E. et al ,
2016 AAS DPS meeting #48

091 : 2015RMxAC..46...81Q A Brief Overview of the Absolute Proper motions Outside the Plane catalog (APOP)
Yu, Y. et al
2015 Proceedings VI Reunión de Astronomía Dinámica en Latinoamérica, Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica (Serie de Conferencias) Vol. 46, pp. 81--82

090 : 2015ASPC..495...77G The "One Archive" for JWST
Greene, G. et al
2015 Proceedings ADASS XXIV, p.77

089 : 2015LPI....46.1622D Results of a Hubble Space Telescope Search for Natural Satellites of Dwarf Planet 1 Ceres
DeMario B et al
2015 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, LPI Contribution No. 1832, p.1622

088 : 2015AAS...22533659F Beyond The Prime Directive: The MAST Discovery Portal and High Level Science Products
Fleming, S et al
2014 AAS Meeting #225, #336.59

087 : 2014IAUS..293..413Q Absolute Proper Motions Outside the Plane (APOP)
Qi, Z et al
2014 Proceedings of IAU Symposium, Volume 293, pp. 413-415

086 : 2014acm..conf..476S Searching for satellites of Ceres
Schmidt, B et al
2014 Proceedings of the conference Asteroids, Comets, Meteors.

085 : 2014IAUS..304..327N Close pairs of galaxies with different activity levels
Nazaryan, T. A.; Petrosian, A. R.; Hakobyan, A. A.; McLean, B. J.; Kunth, D

2014 Proc. IAUS 304
Multiwavelength AGN Surveys and Studies

084 : 2014LPICo1773.2009M Experiment to Determine the Upper Limits and Completeness of Dawn's Search for Satellites at Vesta
L.McFadden et al
2014 Proc. Vesta in the Light of Dawn: First Exploration of a Protoplanet in the Asteroid Belt, LPI Contribution No. 1773, p.2009

083 :  2014AAS...22344139F New Kepler Data Products At MAST For Stellar Astrophysics
S.W.Fleming et al
2014 AAS #223.441.39

082 : 2013IAUS..281...24H Five Supernova Survey Galaxies in the Southern Hemisphere: Supernova Ia Rates
A.A.Hakobyan, A.R.Petrosian, G.A.Mamon, B.McLean, D.Kunth, M.Turatto, E.Cappellaro, F.Mannucci, R.J.Allen, N.Panagia, M.Della Valle, G.V.Petrosyan
2013 Proc. IAU Symp.281,24H

081 : 2011AGUFM.U31A0005M Does Vesta Have Moons? Dawn's Search for Satellites
L.McFadden et al
2011 Proc. American Geophysical Union U31A-0005

080 : 2010vaoa.conf..238G Relationship of Galaxies from the Second Byurakan Survey to Zwicky Clusters
M.Gyulzadian, A.Petrosian, B.McLean
2010 Proc "Evolution of Cosmic Objects through their Physical Activity", p. 238-240

079 : 2010AAS...21546319D WFC3: SMOV and Cycle 17 Calibration Programs
Deustua, Susana E.; MacKenty, J.; Kimble, R.; Martel, A. R.; Baggett, S.; Barker, E.; Borders, T.; Bushouse, H.; Brown, T. M.; Dressel, L.; Dulude, M.; Hartig, G.; Hilbert, B.; Kalirai, J.; Quijano, J. Kim; Kozhurina-Platais, V.; McLean, B.; McCullough, P.; Pavlovsky, C.; Petro, L.; Pirzkal, N.; Rajan, A.; Riess, A.; Sabbi, E.; Viana, A.; Wheeler, T.; Wong, M. H.; Kuemmel, M.; Kuntschner, H.; Walsh, J.; WFC3 Team
2010 AAS #215.463.19

078 : 2010AAS...21546309K WFC3 - Geometry Distortion and Multidrizzle
Kozhurina-Platais, Vera; McLean, B.; Cox, C.; Dressel, L.; Petro, L.; Bushouse, H.; Hack, W.; WFC3 Team
2010 AAS #215.463.09

077 : 2008IAUS..248..316B The GSC-II catalog release GSC 2.3: description and properties
B.Bucciarelli, M.Lattanzi, B.McLean, R.Drimmel, G.Greene. C.Loomis, R.Morbidelli, R.Pannunzio, R.Smart, A.Spagna
2008 IAU Symposium 248,316 "A Giant Step: from Milli- to Micro-arcsecond Astrometry"

076 : 2007AAS...211.4728V Web Mapping Services technology and Astronomical Data
C.A.Volpicelli, A.Conti, B.McLean
2007 AAS #211.47.28

075 : 2007ASPC..372..113C Halo WD Local Space Density from the GSC-II-based Survey
D.Carollo, B.Bucciarelli, S.Hodgkin, M.Lattanzi, B.McLean, R.Smart, A.Spagna
2007 ASPC 372,113 Proc "15th European Workshop on White Dwarfs"

074 : 2007AAS...210.8602L Improving Hubble Space Telescope's Pointing & Absolute Astrometry
M.Lallo, E.Nelan, E.Kimmer, C.Cox, S.Casertano, B.McLean, L.Dressel, R.Makidon
2007 AAS #210.086.02

073 : 2006MmSAI..77.1166S The Guide Star Catalog II. Properties of the GSC 2.3 release
A.Spagna, M.Lattanzi, B.McLean, B.Bucciarelli, D.Carollo, R.Drimmer, G.Greene, R.Morbidelli, R.Pannunzio, M.Sarasso, R.Smart, A.Volpicelli
2006 MmSAI 77,1166

072 : 2006IAUJD..13E..49S The Guide Star Catalog II: Properties of the GSC 2.3 Release
A.Spagna, M.Lattanzi, B.McLean, B.Bucciarelli, R.Drimmel, G.Greene, C.Loomis, R.Morbidelli, R.Pannunzio, R.Smart, A.Volpicelli
2006 IAU JD 13, #49

071 : 2006hstc.conf..413M The New GSC-II and its Use for HST
2006 Proc "2005 HST Calibration Workshop", NASA/CP2006-214134. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Space Flight Center, 2006, p.413

070 : 2006hstc.conf..417K Improving the Absolute Astrometry of HST Data with GSC-II
A.Koekemoer, B.McLean, M.McMaster, H.Jenkner
2006 Proc "2005 HST Calibration Workshop", NASA/CP2006-214134. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Space Flight Center, 2006, p.417

069 : 2005ASPC..342..145P Supernovae in Active and Star Forming Galaxies
A.Petrosian, H.Navarsardyan, M.Turatto, E.Cappellaro, B.McLean, R.Allen, N.Panagia, C.Leitherer, J MacKenty
2005 Proc "Supernonae as Cosmological Lighthouses", ASP Conference series, 342, p145

068 : 2005ASSL..332...31C Cool halo white dwarfs from GSC-II
D.Carollo, A.Spagna, M.Lattanzi, R.Smart, B.McLean, S.Hodgkin, L.Terranegra
2005 Proc "White Dwarfs: cosmological and galactic probes", Astrophysics & Space Science Library, 332, p31

067 : 2005ESASP.576..193S The Structure of the Thick Disc
A.Spagna, B.Bucciarelli, D.Carollo, R.Drimmel, M.Lattanzi, B.McLean, R.Smart
2005 Proc "The 3-D Universe with GAIA", ESA-SP-576, p193

066 : 2005ASPC..334..135C The GSC2 Survey of Cool White Dwarfs
D.Carollo, A.Spagna, M.Lattanzi, R.Smart, B.Bucciarelli, L.Terranegra, S.Hodgkin, B.McLean
2005 Proc "14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs", ASP Conference series, 334, p135

065 : 2004AAS...205.9110L Guide Star Catalog v2.3 : Parameters and Comparisons
C.Loomis, B.McLean, G.Greene, R.White
2004 AAS #205.91.10

064 : 2004ASPC..317..193D Estimated Source Counts from the GSC-II Catalog
R.Drimmel, R.Smart, A.Spagna, B.Bucciarelli, M.Lattanzi, B.McLean
2004 Proc "Milky Way Surveys: The Structure and Evolution of our Galaxy", ASP Conference #317

063 : 2004MSAIS...5...97S Data Mining with the Multicolor GSC-II Database
A.Spagna, M.Lattanzi, B.McLean, B.Bucciarelli, D.Carollo, R.Drimmer, G.Greene, C.Loomis, R.Morbidelli, R.Pannunzio, M.Sarasso, R.Smart, V.Laidler, A.Volpicelli
2004 Mem.S.A.It.Suppl 5,97

062 : 2004IAUS..220..207C Search for Cool White Dwarfs Using GSC2
D.Carollo, A.Spagna, S.Hodgkin, R.Smart., M.G.Lattanzi, B.McLean
2004 Proc. IAU Symp. 220 "Dark Matter in Galaxies", p207

061 : The International DSS/GSC Consortium
B.McLean, M.Lattanzi, G.Greene, C.Loomis, M.Meakes
2004 SpaceOps Conference

060 : A New Database and Atlas for Markarian and SBS Galaxies
A.Petrosian, B.McLean, R.Allen, K.MacKenty
2003 Proc. IAU Symp 216 "Maps of the Cosmos", p116

059 : 2003IAUJD...5E..11C Search for Ancient Cool White Dwarfs Using GSC-II Material
D.Carollo, A.Spagna, S.Hodgkin, R.Smart., M.G.Lattanzi, B.McLean
2004 Proc. IAU Symp. 220 "Dark Matter in Galaxies", p207

058 : 2003ASPC..297..245P Studies of Second Byurakan Survey Galaxies
A.Petrosian, M.Gyulzadyan, B. McLean, R.Allen, C.Leitherer, J. MacKenty, N.Panagia, D. Kunth, G. Comte, J. Stepanian
2003 Proc.“ Star Formation Through Time”, p. 245

057 : 2002adaa.conf..133S Testing the Automated Classification of the Second Guide Star Catalogue
R.Smart, V.Laidler, G.Hawkins, R.White, A.Zacchei, M.Lattanzi, B.McLean
2002 Automated Data Analysis in Astronomy. p133
Edited by Ranjan Gupta, Harinder P. Singh, Coryn A.L. Bailer-Jones. New Delhi ; London : Narosa Pub. House, c2002

056 : Exotic Objects in GAIA: Results from GSC-II
M.G.Lattanzi.,D.Carollo, S.Hodgkin, B.J.McLean, R.L.Smart., A.Spagna
2002 Proc. Monte Rosa Conf. "GAIA Spectroscopy, Science and Technology"
U.Munari ed., ASP Conf. Ser. 298, in press

055 : 2003ASPC..298..375C Faint and peculiar objects in GAIA: results from GSC-II
D. Carollo , A. Spagna , M.G. Lattanzi , S.T. Hodgkin , R.L. Smart , B. McLean
2002 Proc. Monte Rosa Conf. "GAIA spectroscopy, science and technology"
U.Munari ed., ASP Conf. Ser. 298, p375

054 : 2001AAS...19913011L GSC2.2 vs SDSS EDR: Astrometry, Photometry and Classification
V.Laidler, B.McLean, R.White, M.Lattanzi, R.Smart, A.Spagna, J.Morrison
2001 AAS 199#130.11

053 : 2001AAS...19915507C Discovery of a dwarf Carbon star towards the NGP
D.Carollo, S.Hodgkin,, A.Spagna, R.Smart, M.Lattanzi, B.McLean
2001 AAS 199#155.07

052 : 2001udns.conf..119S The Second Guide Star Catalog and Cool Stars
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Other Publications

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Qi et al +,
2015 VizieR On-line Data Catalog: I/331

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Platais et al +,
2011 VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/MNRAS/413/1024

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2010 VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/other/Ap/52.40

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B.McLean, C.Cox, V.Kozhurina-Platais, L.Petro, L.Dressel, H.Bushouse, E.Sabbi

027 : HST ISR 2009-34: WFC3 SMOV Proposal 11445 - IR Geometric Distortion Calibration
V. Kozhurina-Platais, et al.

026 : HST ISR 2009-33: WFC3 SMOV Proposal 11444 - UVIS Geometric Distortion Calibration
V. Kozhurina-Platais, et al.

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C. Profitt, B. McLean, J.Davies

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2007 VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/ApJS/170/33

021 : Collaborator & Data Provider for World Wide Telescope
2008 Microsoft Research

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019 : Collaborator & Data Provider for Sky in Google Earth / GoogleSky
2007 Google Inc.

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STScI On-line Data Catalog

013 : Guide Star Photometric Catalog v2.1
STScI On-line Data Catalog

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Papers Submitted/in Preparation

003 : DAWN Mission's Search for Satellites of Ceres: Intact Protoplanets don't have satellites
McFadden, L. et al
2017 submitted to Icarus

002 : 2016arXiv161205560C The Pan-STARRS1 Surveys
Chambers, K. et al

001 : 2016arXiv161205243F The Pan-STARRS1 Database and Data Products
Flewelling, H. A. et al