Brian McLean


Observatory Scientist,
Archive Sciences Branch/Operations and Engineering Division,
Space Telescope Science Institute

Some of the main projects I have worked on include -

  • Creation of the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) - an atlas of the entire sky in multiple wavelengths that is now used by astronomers worldwide.
  • Creation of colour images from the DSS - used by the Microsoft World Wide Telescope (WWT) and GoogleSky visualization tools.
  • Guide Star Catalogues (GSC) - measurements of a billion objects seen in these images and used to accurately point the Hubble Telescope at it's targets. Also widely used by other ground and space based telescopes.
  • Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) - a new web interface to enable data discovery using Hubble data.
  • Design of the JWST Archive.
  • Statistical analyses and correlations of the properties of interacting and star-forming active galaxies.
  • Discovery of radio emission from contact binary stars due due to chromospheric actvity.

A more detailed summary can be found in my resume, list of published papers and links to some ongoing research projects.