A multitude of thanks to all of our friends who came to our wedding...and to those who were there in spirit! A good time was had by all. Here you will find details of the ceremony and a sampling of photographs. Peace and Blessings to you all - Kim and Brian
Original Invitation
Photos of Ceremony
Script of Handfasting Ceremony
Photos of Reception
Thank You for our family and friends.
Photos featuring Family
Special thanks to our photographer
Photos of random Renfest FUN
Blessings to our officiant
Cardinal Sinnius Vice
Note : The photos are highly compressed to minimize disk space on the webserver - please email us if you want an original copy.
Special thanks to "Joe the Piper"
for his wonderful skirling
Felicitations and thanks to harpsichordist
Gary Schwartz

Thanks also to the staff and re-enactors of the MDRF who added to the magic of the day.