Music has always been very important to me and I grew up listening to a wide variety of genres from traditional scottish folk songs to progressive rock...After a brief attempt at piano lessons, I eventually started playing both classical and electric guitar even though I knew I was not talented enough to play in a rock band (a brief childhood daydream).
On the other hand, since I have a technical inclination it was very easy for me to learn the principles of audio engineering and become the 'sound-guy' for the bands that my wife sings with. This was both a FUN way to spend time together and contribute to the success of the performances. Over the years, I have broadened my experience with various types of audio equipment (both analog and digital) and worked for other bands as well as a professional audio company producing local music festivals. I am also a bit of a 'gear-junkie' and am constantly replacing and upgrading my personal rig which I use for band and DJ Gigs.