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R061 2016Icar..280..308D

Results of a hubble space telescope search for natural satellites of dwarf planet 1 ceres

DeMario, B.E. et al

2016 Icar 280, 308

C092 2016DPS...4832108D

Results of a hubble space telescope search for natural satellites of dwarf planet 1 ceres

DeMario, B.E. et al

2016 AAS DPS meeting #48

#BibLink TitleAuthor(s)Reference
R060 2015AJ....150..137Q

Absolute Proper Motions Outside the Plane (APOP) - A Step Toward the GSC2.4

Zhaoxiang, Q et al

2015 AJ 150, 137


Vesta's Missing Moons:Comprehensive Search for Natural Satellites of Vesta by the Dawn Spacecraft

McFadden , L. et al

2015 Icarus 257, 207 

R058 2015PASP..127..250P

An Investigation of the Absolute Proper Motions of the SCUSS Catalog 

Peng, X et al 

2015 PASP 127, 250

C091 2015RMxAC..46...81Q

A Brief Overview of the Absolute Proper motions Outside the Plane catalog (APOP)

Yu, Y. et al 

2015 Proceedings VI Reunión de Astronomía Dinámica en Latinoamérica, Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica (Serie de Conferencias) Vol. 46, pp. 81--82


The "One Archive" for JWST 

Greene, G. et al 

2015 Proceedings ADASS XXIV, p.77



Results of a Hubble Space Telescope Search for Natural Satellites of Dwarf Planet 1 Ceres 

DeMario B et al 

2015 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, LPI Contribution No. 1832, p.1622

#BibLink TitleAuthor(s)Reference
R057 2014Ap.....57..14N 

Close neighbors of Markarian galaxies. II. Statistics and Discussions 

T.A.Nazaryan, A.R.Petrosian, A.A.Hakobyan, B.McLean, D.Kunth

2014 Astrophysics 57,14

C088 2015AAS...22533659F 

Beyond The Prime Directive: The MAST Discovery Portal and High Level Science Products 

Fleming, S et al 

2014 AAS Meeting #225, #336.59


Absolute Proper Motions Outside the Plane (APOP)

Qi, Z et al  

2014 Proceedings of IAU Symposium, Volume 293, pp. 413-415

C086 2014acm..conf..476S  

Searching for satellites of Ceres

Schmidt, B et al 

2014 Proceedings of the conference Asteroids, Comets, Meteors. 

C085 2014IAUS..304..327N 

Close pairs of galaxies with different activity levels

Nazaryan, T. A.; Petrosian, A. R.; Hakobyan, A. A.; McLean, B. J.; Kunth, D

2014 Proc. IAUS 304 Multiwavelength AGN Surveys and Studies


Experiment to Determine the Upper Limits and Completeness of Dawn's Search for Satellites at Vesta

McFadden, L. et al 

2014 Proc. Vesta in the Light of Dawn: First Exploration of a Protoplanet in the Asteroid Belt, LPI Contribution No. 1773, p.2009

C083  2014AAS...22344139F

New Kepler Data Products At MAST For Stellar Astrophysics

Fleming, S et al 

2014 AAS #223.441.39 

#BibLink TitleAuthor(s)Reference
C082 2013IAUS..281...24H

Five Supernova Survey Galaxies in the Southern Hemisphere: Supernova Ia Rates

A.A.Hakobyan, A.R.Petrosian, G.A.Mamon, B.McLean, D.Kunth, M.Turatto, E.Cappellaro, F.Mannucci, R.J.Allen, N.Panagia, M.Della Valle, G.V.Petrosyan

2013 Proc. IAU Symp.281,24H

#BibLink TitleAuthor(s)Reference
R056 2012Ap.....55..448N

Close neighbors of Markarian galaxies. I. Optical database

T.A.Nazaryan, A.R.Petrosian, B.McLean 

2012 Astrophysics 55,448

R055 2012SPIE.8296E...9M

 Moon search algorithms for NASA's Dawn Mission to asteroid Vesta

N.Memarsadeghi, L.A.McFadden, D.R.Skillman, B.McLean, M.Mutchler, U.Carsenty, E.E.Palmer

2012 SPIE 8296,12