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Observatory Scientist,
Archive Sciences Branch/Operations and Engineering Division,
Space Telescope Science Institute 

Some of the main projects I have worked on include -
Creation of the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) - an atlas of the entire sky in multiple wavelengths that is now used by astronomers worldwide.
Creation of colour images from the DSS - used by the Microsoft World Wide Telescope (WWT) and GoogleSky visualization tools.
Guide Star Catalogues (GSC) - measurements of a billion objects seen in these images and used to accurately point the Hubble Telescope at it's targets. Also widely used by other ground and space based telescopes.
Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) - a new web interface to enable data discovery using Hubble data.
Design of the new MAST Archive.
Statistical analyses and correlations of the properties of interacting and star-forming active galaxies.
Discovery of radio emission from contact binary stars due due to chromospheric actvity.

A more detailed summary can be found in my resume and bibliography of published scientific papers.